Mandatory Post!

I wasn’t sure I was going to write anything today, but there is a clause in my (fictitious) contract that states a post is mandatory the moment I drop below 300 pounds. At 298 lbs, I am officially out of the 300 club, and back in the 200 club, I place I haven’t been in… 15 years?

Going to go celebrate with some pushups! (Eeks’ sugestion) Then back to trying to find work.


No Yo-Yo Dieting!

Sadly, I’m doing more these days on the job-finding front than on the weight-loss front.I say sadly because despite all the time I’ve put in, I haven’t managed to land a job yet.

That said, my weight is still stubbornly between 300 and 310 – in fact, it has been hanging so low, and fairly consistently, that I’d almost say the weight is hanging stubbornly between 300 and 305! But I’m glad it’s there and not 330, like a few months ago, or 400, like a year ago, or 560, like a couple of years ago. And I’m succeeding at maintaining. I’ve got the rest of my life to lose it, and hopefully there will be a whole lot of it left when my ultimate goals are reached. Maintaining it is the important part – too many people start a program and don’t see the results they want to see, and even though they lost a little weight already, give up and gain their weight back (plus more, often!). If you get some weight off, and you quit trying, and put the weight back on, YOU HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN LATER! If you’ve got a lot of weight on you, then you’ve probably done this more than enough times already.

Think for a moment how many times that’s happened to you or someone you know – get a little weight off, feel a little better, but not enough, and not soon enough. Then it’s all given up. Let’s say you, or that person, lose(s) 30 pounds. Hey, that’s great! Well, if you’re overweight and you lose 30 pounds – that’s great; if you’re obese and you lose 30 pounds – that’s a damn good start; if you’re morbidly obese or higher… well, you might not really feel any different, but the fact remains, you weigh 30 pounds LESS than you used to! But say you lose 20 here, and 30 there, but you keep giving up… how much weight loss have you given up on? How many pounds could you have lost, overall, had you not allowed yourself to gain that weight back? How much weight loss would you or your friends be responsible for, if they/you just maintained?

I don’t know how much of the updates I give going forward for the next month or so will be weight loss related. They’re supposed to be, that’s really what this blog is about, but for the moment, I’m spending a majority of my time looking for work. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my common rants about what’s going on in the job market today end up here. Hopefully it doesn’t send you packing… you know, the handful of you that keep an eye on this blog.

Spring Cleaning, Anyone?

Time to dust off a few cobwebs! It seems I let things lapse again, but not for quite so long this time. For the time being, I still have a file full of unfinished articles for this blog, but with looking for work, living in one of the WORST areas of the NATION for being jobless and seeking work, up against everyone who WAS going to school, but can’t now, because they don’t have the unemployment extension that they needed to finish their coursework. And why? Because their government dropped them on their ass again, all while trying to tell them how wonderful everything is… you know… this isn’t a political blog… If it makes you feel any better, I’m not targeting any political figure, party, or argument. I think they all suck. That’s all I have to say about back.

So, back to weight loss!

I had gotten my weight down to 300 on Thanksgiving morning and had been worried that I was losing it a little too fast So I took the holidays off and enjoyed myself. I’d use the term “binge”, but it makes Eeks nervous, and it’s really just a modern version of the bingeing I used to do. People “binge”, or at least claim to, but they don’t do what I used to do. Obese bingeing, and typical everyday “I’m eating a little more than I normally would and having a nice, fun time doing it” really don’t even resemble each other.

Different or not, my weight shot up to 330 by the beginning of the new year. Today it’s between 300 and 305. It’s been between 300 and 310, occasionally between 300 and 315 for over a month and I feel like it might be dropping below 300 soon. My FLog (Food Log) has become more detailed and in depth, focusing on different areas of my life in different sections of the notebook.

I finally got the chance to check out the gym that I belong to. I’ve been using a gym that’s about a mile from me, but the old gym I had, where I have a paid-up three-year-membership has a location that’s not TOO far away, just pretty far. Since I don’t end up down that way much, and usually not with time to spare, I haven’t had a chance to check it out since I moved down to this area.

I’ve mentioned their name before, and probably will again, but I’m not exactly crazy about this franchise’s apparent owner right now, and he fits into the story fairly well, so I’ll keep their name out of this particular post. I showed up where I’d seen the gym before, across the street from a mall. It still said the name of the gym on the door, but it was obvious the place was empty. No sign explaining anything, either. It looked like they just went out of business.

I looked up their number and tried them. Someone answered. I explained that I’d moved into the area and have a membership with the gym. He asked if I had my key fob. One of the reasons I chose this gym was the 24 hour access. I wasn’t, however, sure I had my key fob on me. I just switched wallets and that was in the old wallet. I thought it might be in the car, but that didn’t mean the key fob stayed in the wallet (one of the reasons I needed a new wallet…).

I didn’t see a problem with this – the gym in question has a policy of being open to visitors. During business hours one of the doors is unlocked (the electronic lock stays in place for members to use their key fob), so if you don’t have the fob, you can walk in and let them know you’re there. It’s one of the features of the fitness chain – that whether you have your key fob or not, you can use any of their gyms across the world as long as it’s business hours. Plus, if you do have your key fob, you can use any of their locations, across the world, any time of the night or day.

This guy’s telling me that’s not the way it works at his gym. The doors stay locked all day, every day. If you don’t have a fob, you don’t get it. How does he attract new customers? Does anyone go to a gym, thinking about signing up perhaps, and upon finding the door locked, knock?

So I tell him I’d like to come in and see him about having my membership records switched over to his franchise. This shouldn’t be a difficult matter. He can’t do it, he’s too busy, and they really don’t have time to go looking up the records, etc… Why does there need to be an argument over this?

So I pressed him over the matter and he tells me he can’t see me until he’s done with his clients. He’s already pointed out that he’s working with one client and two more are waiting. Fine with me, just let me know what time to come in today, and I’ll be there. He tells me to come by at 2PM. Interesting, it was 1:15PM at this point in the conversation.

I called my old gym and let them know what was going on and they told me not to worry, that they’d get my information to him for me. I probed a bit to see if there was an established opinion on this guy. The person I spoke with stammered a bit and didn’t seem to want to say anything. “OK,” I tried, “is he basically just an asshole?” That was met with laughter and a long “Well… “, followed by “I’m not going to tell you he has a reputation as a nice guy.” Great. Sounds about right.

I managed to find my key fob in the car (we named her Christine, because she eats things…), so I let myself in to the gym. I poked my head in the office because I saw someone at the desk. I noticed someone else sitting across from the desk and figured that was the guy I talked to on the phone and this was the client he was working with.

I left them alone and noticed another staff member coming toward me. I told him I called 20 minutes ago and he knew who I was – Ah, THIS was the guy I’d talked to. I let him know I’d found my fob and was going to start my workout, so I wouldn’t likely be ready at two. He said that was fine and I got started with my workout. In the middle of it, he stopped me and said he needed me in the office. It was quick, I’ll give him that, but he was interrupting my workout to have me sign a paper so he could process my transfer. The major rule, he pointed out, was that the door stay locked and nobody lets anyone in, except for him. No, that doesn’t mean he’s the only one allowed to open the door – it means HE’S THE ONLY ONE WE ARE ALLOWED TO LET THROUGH THE DOOR!

Yes, it actually said that on the paper – he’s the only exception. The guy that should be setting the example… OK. And what happens if you ARE a member in the franchise and you forgot your key fob? Knock on the door I guess.

As soon as I signed, Mr. Obnoxious took off – so that’s why he interrupted my workout, he had places to be. On the other hand, one could make the argument that he took time off of his lunch break, after which he probably has two other clients lined up, to make sure my information got transferred. I will say this much for him – he DID have the brains, after what had gone down, to not try to talk me into signing up with a trainer.

It could turn out he’s a really decent guy, only time will tell; thing is, after those encounters with him, and his very confusing way of attracting new clientele, I don’t think I really want to find out. The good news is, I shouldn’t really have to. At a typical gym, unless you know/are friendly with the owner, you don’t have a whole lot of contact with him/her. Even if he’s the out and about type that’s on the floor a lot, I can just put my music on and focus on my workout. That’s all that really matters here. 


The ABSOLUTE truth!

Fisherman’s Pie

So, I figure I’ll share with you an interesting creation I came up with last night. It was nearing the end of the day and I was hungry. I’d had a pretty good day – started it by working out at the gym, followed by a decent breakfast at home, some healthy snacks throughout the day, and I found myself wondering what to do for dinner? There was pasta in the fridge, which is great and all, for breakfast, or even an early lunch, but Dr. Eeks doesn’t want me doing breads late, and isn’t all that crazy about pasta either.

So, I’m examining other options, and remembered how much Eeks digs baked potatoes – apparently these are great for losing weight! So I grab two potatoes, now I’ve got a vegetable, that’s great… what else? Cheese and butter for the potato, that’s good… but what else? I want something proteiny, but I’m not really seeing what would work. I’d had greek yogurt with fruit earlier in the day. I went to the cupboard to have a look and found tuna.

I used to hate tuna. For some reason, before I lost weight, I could not choke down tuna to save my life. Raw tuna? Absolutely. Tuna steak? Sure. Canned? Oh hell no. Just the smell of the can opening would make my stomach turn. For some reason, within the past few years, I’ve found myself able to eat tuna, canned or not.

Granted, I’m not a straight out of the can man, and still don’t like the smell that opening said can brings, but I simply turn my nose off when I have to open a can, and I can doctor is so that it tastes just fine – take last night, fr’instance– I mixed a can of tuna with a little olive oil, salt, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce (the sauce is the boss!) and it was great!

While I was eating, I came up with an interesting idea… I didn’t know what to serve the tuna on – I’d had bread already yesterday, and didn’t want any more. Next to the tuna was two (microwave) baked potatoes with cheese! Made me think of a tuna patty melt. I got a little adventurous and tried the tuna with the cheesy baked potato – excellent! A tuna potato melt! Nothing but good stuff!

As it turns out, this is not an original thought! I plugged Tuna Potato Melt into Google and come up with tons of material! Most of them recommend using potato wedges, but I fail to see why that’s a must. In fact, I could even see a version Shepherd’s Pie coming out of this! Just think, “Fisherman’s Pie”!

If you try it, let me know what you think!Potato Tuna Melt

Green Tea Greatness


I’m not sure why, but I’ve had a hell of a time reblogging this one! I tried twice already today and nothing showed up on the blog. Have been working on troubleshooting the issue. Haven’t figured out what the problem is, but did manage to get it to show up this time!

So, I’ve heard a lot about green tea and the popular opinion that it aids in weight loss, I’ve even seen Green Tea supplements advertised as helpful with losing weight. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it certainly won’t hurt to have a cup or two a day, so I’m going to work on doing that. Don’t see how it can hurt. If you have any reason to worry about androgens, though – say, for example, you have an adrenal insufficiency, or Addison’s , you might not want to mess around with green tea. Otherwise, should be fine!

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Green tea has quickly become an essential part of my day.
I first started trying to lose weight and going to the gym back in June 2013. At first I was getting results pretty fast as my lifestyle changed dramatically, for the better of course! I lost 7lbs in around 1-2 months. However, after losing the first 7lbs my body seemed to want to stay at the weight it was no matter what I did, I was not impressed! So I did a little research into natural things that can aid weight loss. This was when I came across green tea. It claimed to be high in anti-oxidants and a natural way to lose weight. I didn’t have high hopes as I was a bit sceptical about a drink aiding weight loss success. Never the less I gave it a go and religiously drank 4 cups a day. To my amazement…

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Time Magazine Brings Us a Hoot and a Holler

This actually reminds me of a product that a friend of mine sells, skinny wraps. I don’t know if caffeine and algae are the key ingredients for skinny wraps, but I seem to recall that they claim to speed up your metabolism and creating a slimmer appearance, and I seem to recall it takes about the same amount of time. Still… 85 bucks for a tank top that will be “useless” in 20 washes – really, I’m guessing it’s useless after 10 or 15 washes, it just keeps traces of the ingredients for those last few washes.

Body Changing

This one’s short and sweet and it’s subject is a favorite topic of mine – changes! All those great changes you’ve noticed since you started losing weight – though this one also focuses on how those changes make her (the author) feel and how she feels about reaching her goals.
I’m working on another Ch-Ch-Changes! article (keep those eyes peeled, it’ll get here) and will try to make sure I cover how the changes make me feel as well.
As for reaching my goals – Hey! I still have a long way off! Ultimately, I want to try my hand at losing a total of 400 pounds. I know – not bloody likely, but who cares? I WILL get to a healthy weight, I WILL get below 250, and I WILL see 200 pounds. Whether or not I see 160 isn’t important and can very well just be a lifetime goal for me. But I have a feeling I’ll see 250 soon.


What’s that mean? It’s Latin for “Never Let the Bastards Get You Down!” That’s some of the best weight-loss advice I can ever give – you go to the hospital and they treat you like scum? Screw them! Make them do their jobs anyway. Starting an exercise program and getting criticism that you’re not doing enough? Well, are you doing more than you used to do? Is it having an affect? Then SCREW ‘EM! This is part of what I mean by running your own race.

Most of them know very little of what you’re going through, and they are usually doing what they think is best to “help you”. You may notice, after you’ve made some progress and have healthily managed to get some weight off of you, that these same people are singing your praises – that’s what I mean, they were trying to be helpful before, they just didn’t know how. That’s something you can appreciate, if you want to, just don’t let them get you down.

Example: I can’t tell you how many people implored me to go the bariatric surgery route, but because I didn’t, and managed – with some amazing help from Dr. Eeks – to shed my weight naturally, they congratulate me and tell me how glad they are that I didn’t take that dangerous, nasty, lazy, easy-way-out route of bariatric surgery! (Must resist urge to punch face!) The funny thing is that once upon a time, I committed to having that very surgery – I’d tried and tried and tried and I just couldn’t manage to lose any weight, couldn’t manage to do more than maintain the weight I had on me, which still fluctuated and threatened, at time, to break my previous “record”. And everywhere I went I heard it was my fault. One of my favorites that I heard more and more over the years was how I just hadn’t “hit that point” yet, and that until I do, I’ll never lose weight BECAUSE I DON’T REALLY WANT TO YET! Rotten bastards!

Even now I hear people asking what happened when I started losing weight that made the difference – I started working with Eeks. Yeah – they go on – but I mean, what HAPPENED?? Something had to happen to make you WANT to do that! Yeah, hit that point years before, didn’t do me a whole lot of good. I needed someone that knew how hundreds of pounds get lost, someone who could teach me.

And all those years listening to how it was my fault, I was just too lazy, I just didn’t want it bad enough, I just didn’t have the drive or the commitment, and I finally reached the breaking point where I couldn’t hear it any more – the only workable option that I could see was the surgery and I was sick of trying anymore. I let them get me down. By some miracle, Eeks was waiting around a corner to pick me back up, for which I will be forever grateful.

When it comes right down to it, it’s your race, and no one can run it for you. Doesn’t mean no one can help, Eeks helped me, but she couldn’t run my race for me, either. I had to do that part myself, so I did, and I am. You can do it too. Your friends and loved ones that have hundreds of pounds ahead of them can as well. 


In other news, this site suddenly has received some instant popularity. I think the most views I ever had on this page on any given day was around a hundred. Yesterday we had over 1100. Yikes! Well shoot, you folks keep on coming and I’ll keep on writing. Paid a visit to the new gym I joined, both last night and this morning. Took advantage of their classes both times – last night it was pilates – I’ll tell you, that crap’s no joke! I hurt myself within ten minutes of the class! We were doing some form of crunch exercise, where we keep a large ring between our hands and press in on it while crunching. Well, my ring slipped in either mid-raise or lower, can’t remember, and I had pain going through my shoulder. It was bad, too – I was worried I tore something.

Interesting thing about that – I’ve gotten hurt during workouts before – sometimes I stop all together, sometimes I work on another area of my body if I can get away with it. This time I slowly concentrated on the area that was hurting and rubbed it a bit, only to find out it didn’t really hurt – apparently I’d managed to sprain a few muscles in my upper back, which are connected to the shoulder, so the pain was coming from there, but manifesting, mostly in the shoulder itself. The odd part was that just by rubbing it and stretching it lightly, I was able to work out the majority of the pain and go back to the workout without even switching up body parts! I mention it because I see this as a hell of a lot of progress.

I even went back this morning, still a little tender in the upper back area, but got on the treadmill for a 35 minute mile and a half, then attended a full yoga class, which is also not easy at all, but I felt like it was very worth it – the work we were doing didn’t even have me close to breathing heavy, but damn was a I rockin’ a good sweat!


Keeping weight off is the real weight-loss struggle.


Something I find myself thinking about all the time!

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There are some pretty alarming statistics out there concerning the eventual weight-gain following successful weight-loss. However real these statistics may be is debatable, but they are concerning none the less. I read as high as 90% of people will regain all of the pounds lost within five years. And I think I can see why.

Jono's Loss

As some of you who are regular readers may have seen, my activity level since September has been pretty stagnant. After the Triathlon in the summer, I took a decent amount of time off. Since then I’ve been battling some lingering health annoyances which has delayed my glorious return to the top of the AFP charts. But the real problem is this: I am still eating like I am training for a triathlon. I am not training for a Triathlon.

chart (2)

I think this is probably a pretty common reason why people gain weight back. They…

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