Heads Up on Diet Gimmicks

I was checking my e-mail today and saw one of these pictorial articles (a picticle!) on low-fat foods that you “shouldn’t eat”. They’ll say anything in a title to grab one’s attention. I’m always interested to see what’s covered in these articles – how right, how wrong, and is there anything that I haven’t seen before?

This one was actually fairly decent and gave a lot of good advice. I particularly liked that they pointed out the flaws and common misconceptions, but at the same time pointed out that most things can be very welcome elements of one’s diet, as long as they are consumed from time to time, as opposed to a regular part of said diet.


Sweet Baby Ray’s has WHAT in it!?!

I have sad news to report. I don’t know how long this has been going on, but I was eating something with my favorite BBQ sauce, Sweet Baby Ray’s, and it just seemed a little too thick for me. I checked the ingredients and there it was, staring me in the face, and first on the list to boot – High Fructose Corn Syrup. No!!!!! I can NEVER buy it again. Apparently it’s been going on for years, I just didn’t notice it. I guess I never thought to check the ingredients.

I won’t support any product that uses HFCS. Usually I won’t USE anything that has it. But it’s Sweet Baby Rays, so I’ll use it. I went over to my folks’ house and saw they had a couple of bottles of it and mentioned the ingredient, so now I have a few bottles to use before I’m out, and once I’m out, that’s it.

I am happy, however, to report that my other favorite – Stubb’s BBQ sauce uses NO HFCS in ANY of their BBQ sauces. They aren’t as plentiful in supply as SBR, but they keep it clean, and as long as they do, they are my new go-to BBQ!

Sweet Baby Ray’s – the sauce may be the boss, but the boss is an asshole.

How I lost 300 pounds in three years WITHOUT SURGERY (and without EVER meeting the person that helped me do it)!

I spent years trying to get my weight and health under control, but I never saw success, oddly enough, until I gave up. When I started working with Dr. Eeks, I had finally succumbed and agreed with everyone – my family, friends and doctors, who told me that I could not possibly lose the weight on my own – that I didn’t have the willpower that it took. I agreed that it was my own fault (because that’s apparently how one takes responsibility for their situation), and even though I had serious doubts about my ability to lose weight effectively with surgery, I had finally “seen the light” that I couldn’t do it without bariatric surgery, and I would just have to try and make it work.


My physical state was a mess – my top weight was 560 lbs, I could barely walk and I couldn’t even sit still for long. Anything I did, and anything I didn’t do was painful. I had multiple co-morbidities including sleep apnea, diabetes, hypertension, gouty arthritis and sciatica. Inside I was a wreck – depressed, disgusted, and giving up wasn’t helping things.


I had tried to make a go of truck driving when I was around 400 pounds, but sitting behind the wheel for 11 hours a day saw my weight balloon up, dangerously, over about a hundred and fifty pounds in just a year and a half. The company I was working for saw me deteriorating, and even though I was still meeting the demands of the job at industry standards, they laid me off. I doubted I could pass another physical for another company and knew I wouldn’t be able to keep a driving job long anyway. I’d been having nightmares about having a heart attack behind the wheel, or in my sleep, and my dead body being cut out of the side of the truck.


I filed for unemployment with the state in which I’d been employed and tried to make a go of getting my bachelor’s degree. I moved in with my parents and after a few semesters, found the demands of a full-time schedule overwhelming, dropped down to one course, and still found myself unable to catch up with the requirements of the only course I’d kept, and risked failing. I finally dropped out of school.


I tried to find employment before my unemployment ran out – I couldn’t get past a first interview. No one was willing to take a risk on me. I finally landed a 3-month contract position that would turn into full-time if I performed well. I strove to outperform all of my co-workers and succeeded. I wore myself out doing it, but I kept at it. In the end, though, the company I had been contracted to wasn’t willing to take a risk with my health and opted not to offer me employment beyond the contract.


I finally accepted that I was disabled and began a long fight to get the federal government to agree with me.


Until I won my disability case my financial situation was non-existent. I had no income, managed to get on welfare and food stamps to help my family, as best I could, to support me.


All of my family told me that I needed to give up trying to lose the weight myself – I wasn’t getting anywhere and I was just going to die if I didn’t get surgery soon. My doctor echoed my family, fervently. I got second opinions, but it led me nowhere new. Get the surgery or start saying goodbye.


I spent a lot of time trying to understand how I had gotten there. I could identify a number of influences that led me to my obesity. I had been overweight, and eventually obese for almost all of my adult life. But I never gained as much, so fast, as I did as a truck driver.


I finally gave in and pursued bariatric surgery. This wasn’t easy because I had no insurance. I had managed to get straight medicaid through welfare, but it covered very little. I could see doctors, but I could not get surgery. I found a bariatric surgeon that dedicated himself to getting me on the table. He finagled with the directors of the hospital system he worked with, trying to get them to cover me for free, under the circumstances. He was making headway, but it wasn’t an easy battle and I needed to kow-tow every step of the way and not only meet the expectations that any insurance company would expect a patient of such surgery to undergo (support groups, nutritionists, etc…) but to exceed them.


I started meeting with the hospital’s nutritionist. I met the first nutritionist at the first meeting and things went well enough – I explained my situation, she gave me some advice, and our conversation gave me an idea – I asked if she could take what I had told her about my diet, point out a few things that she wants me to stop eating, and point out a few things that would be very helpful in losing weight that I could eat every day. Her response was “You want me to tell you what to eat?” Well, I was talking to a nutritionist after all, so I went for broke and said yes. Her further response – “Look at the food pyramid!”


I don’t remember the rest of the meeting, I was barely there for it. Lots of nodding and mm-hmming, and a thought in the back of my mind that I’d be damned if I’d ever be in the same office as her again. The next meeting would be with a different nutritionist – I’d start all over if I had to, but I wasn’t working with that woman again.


When I got home I vented my frustrations about the meeting on facebook. I stuck with the basic facts in case someone from the hospital checked my page – these people were trying to get me this surgery for free, if I couldn’t get approved for disability in time, I couldn’t risk losing that; it was my only hope.


An acquaintance – one I’ve never met (and still haven’t!) and only knew through facebook, someone who had been friends in college with a girl I briefly dated in high school – saw what I wrote and flipped out. She wanted this nutritionist’s name, she wanted a number to call, she wanted to chew her hide and then go to her superiors. She wanted to put this woman in her place and remind her what exactly her job title was.


I told her I couldn’t possibly let her do that – pointing out all that I had to lose. She, Dr. Eeks, then asked me to let her help me; she pointed out that I don’t need the surgery. I disagreed with her vehemently. She claimed she could help me lose the weight. I found it laughable. How could a health coach in NYC, with whom I’ve never met, and wasn’t likely to meet anytime soon, help me when countless others had tried so far before. So many had offered and flaked out that I didn’t even fully expect her to try.


Still she persisted in getting me to give her a chance – pointing out that in order to even get the surgery, I’d need to lose at least 10 percent of my body weight. How was I going to lose 50-60 pounds on my own? Had I managed a loss of that magnitude before? I hadn’t. The best I’d managed to pull was 25-30 pounds, and that exhausted me ridiculously, resulting in my running out of steam and putting the pounds right back on. My answer to her query was that I didn’t know – just take on a highly aggressive exercise and diet program and keep at it until I’d lost enough weight to get the surgery.


She asked me to let her help me lose that weight, she was sure I could do it if I’d just let her try. After all – what did I have to lose?


At first, the only thing she did was make me write. What was I eating? Every day. Weight Watchers encourages their clients to record their meals as well, and points out just how important it is. But if you don’t, they won’t refuse to work with you. You still attend the meetings and take your steps. They’ll continue to point out that you need to write what you eat, but won’t put a halt to anything if you don’t.


Dr. Eeks didn’t seem to see the point in doing anything until I had at least a good week or so of meals written down. Every time I asked her what to do, she asked where my food logs were. When I didn’t have them, she told me to write anything I can remember, and work on writing down anything else I eat from then on.


Finally I had a week of meals and we went over it. The crazy thing is that she made our initial strategy the very thing I’d suggested to the nutritionist. She pointed out a few things she didn’t want to see in the food log again, and pointed out a few things she’d like me to add in. And, of course, she drove home the importance of continuing to record my food.


Right away I had some trouble. I don’t remember what exactly the problem was, but I either had difficulty cutting out the things she asked me to, or adding in the things she wanted. I went to her expecting to get chewed out, but she asked me about the difficulty and what I thought I would be able to commit to. We opted for a smaller change and went with it. The rest is kind of history.


The main things that helped me lose weight:

Eeks gave me no ultimatums. I’d had so many before, and they all resulted in the end of my working relationship with the maker of said ultimatum. Eeks agreed that there was no point in making them – that if I was having such a hard time doing what she asked of me, an ultimatum would just make things worse. She opted to make the changes smaller if I couldn’t keep up with them, and to help me to make those smaller changes until I was ready to try something bigger again.


She taught me to examine my diet by looking at my food log and identify the patterns that weren’t working.


By examing the patterns in my food log, I managed to beat Binge Eating Disorder at least a year before such a disorder even officially existed (as per the DSM-5).


Eeks never gave up on me, and encouraged me to share what I was going through with anyone that would listen. She suggested setting up a blog that helped me to be accountable.




After having lost over 300 lbs, without having ever met the person who made it all possible, I am relieved to find my health crises more or less reversed – my co-morbidities have fallen by the wayside and I’ve gone completely off meds. I can walk, I can jump, I CAN RUN! I can sit still without having to constantly change position. That said, the long time that I was down took me completely out of the game and I have to restart my life with little to go on. My family became unable to help anymore last year and some friends did what they could to help me get started – I stayed with them, found a few part-time jobs, saved up to get an apartment and moved in.


However, the car I was driving died because of something the previous owner did that we never caught in time. That caused me to lose one of my jobs the very week I moved into my new apartment. My disability comes about 50 dollars shy of the rent and the one job I have left does little more than cover the balance of the rent. I am applying for food stamps and am working the local food cupboards. I am looking at having to get rid of my phone and plan – and breaking my contract in order to do so, and will be applying for a free phone through the government.


Since I moved in, I managed to lose my car, a job, my wallet fell out of my bag on the bus and most of my ID, including my CDL was lost with it, my phone was stolen a few days later. It feels like I can’t hold on to anything and I’m just drowning, and people constantly want more and more money that I just don’t have.


Despite that, I’m still committed to losing weight. I’ve lost 300 and I’m not stopping here. I’ve come too far to let these things get in my way. I’ve succeeded, in the weight arena at least, I will not give up the ground I’ve gained, nor will I let myself rest in my quest.


I try to make the best of my situation. For example – I no longer have a car. That said, I managed to move into the best town in the Southern half of New Jersey for one without a car to live. There are buses going everywhere and I’m getting so much exercise!


Despite the issues I face, I not only refuse to give up on my weight loss, but I also have a dream to help others who are obese lose weight without surgery, to show them that it can be done, to help them do it.


300 lbs down!300 lbs down!

Me at 560 lbs, around 2007-2008, visiting Busch Gardens with friends.Me at 560 lbs, around 2007-2008, visiting Busch Gardens with friends.

Also at 560 lbs, and topless!Also at 560 lbs, and topless!

This was taken about the time I started working with Dr. Eeks.This was taken about the time I started working with Dr. Eeks.

About a year ago, weighing in at probably about 315 lbs.About a year ago, weighing in at probably about 315 lbs.

Me and my sister, Emmy Lee, this past Christmas. I was somewhere between 300-320 lbs.Me and my sister, Emmy Lee, this past Christmas. I was somewhere between 300-320 lbs.

Early 2014 - somewhere around 300 lbs.Early 2014 – somewhere around 300 lbs.

Back again!

Looks like it’s time to resurrect the blog again!

I hope to put up a few new articles this week. I’ve been toying with the idea of bringing this blog back to life again and balancing that against how my life’s going right now (there’s a LOT going on). But a couple of things have convinced me that I need to get back to blogging – “Medical Don’t Care” is one of those things and will be the subject of an article I hope to post this week!

For now, update time.

Weight – 254 the past three days. That means I have crossed the 300 pound barrier! Technically I crossed it twice – first when I dropped out of the 300 club and hit the 290s, and again about a week ago when I weighed in at 260 lbs. Some of you may remember that I started at 560 lbs – which means I’ve lost 300 lbs! My next milestone is coming quick – 250lbs, and I hope to be there soon!

I’m living in Atlantic City now. Moving here kind of set my life akimbo. The first few weeks can be described as a series of losses: the week I moved here my car died, AS I was working on getting moved in! Turns out the previous owner thought fusing the brake lines was a good idea. Turns out that’s quite illegal. I had tried to cover my bases with the car by having it gone over at a few different locations with a fine-toothed comb, to identify any issues that would need fixing. We found a few things that needed fixing right away and fixed them, and I did my best to keep an eye on the other issues.

I had hoped this would keep Christine, my towncar, in good running shape, but she was harboring an injury that no one caught. A drunk driver nearly took me out one night and I had to drive 30 miles without any brakes as a result. The metal used to fuse the lines rusted and that completely blew the whole braking system. Christine was unfixable.

As a result, I lost one of the two part-time jobs I’d managed to wrangle. My rent costs $50 more than my disability check, and the job I lost was the better paying of the two. Of course. So I’m stretched pretty thing, but that’s not all!

I then managed to lose my wallet on the bus, and my phone got stolen on the boardwalk.

I had left my birth certificate with relatives for safekeeping, and they kept it in their safe. That said, when I lost the wallet, they were across the country and would be for the next 6 weeks.

I’ve been working on piecing my life back together ever since, and I’m starting to get somewhere with it. I still only have the one part-time job on top of the disability, but I’m seeing what I can do about that. My CDL has been restored, so I may be able to come up with a local driving job. Let’s hope.

But out of all the places in South Jersey I could have moved, I managed to pick the best place to live if you don’t have a car. There’s plenty of buses going in and out of town, so I can generally get to where I need to go.

I’ve started writing my book on weight loss.

I’m trying to find work helping people lose weight. Eeks is helping me in this endeavor.

That’s pretty much where I’m at, keep your eyes peeled for the next article!

Mandatory Post!

I wasn’t sure I was going to write anything today, but there is a clause in my (fictitious) contract that states a post is mandatory the moment I drop below 300 pounds. At 298 lbs, I am officially out of the 300 club, and back in the 200 club, I place I haven’t been in… 15 years?

Going to go celebrate with some pushups! (Eeks’ sugestion) Then back to trying to find work.


No Yo-Yo Dieting!

Sadly, I’m doing more these days on the job-finding front than on the weight-loss front.I say sadly because despite all the time I’ve put in, I haven’t managed to land a job yet.

That said, my weight is still stubbornly between 300 and 310 – in fact, it has been hanging so low, and fairly consistently, that I’d almost say the weight is hanging stubbornly between 300 and 305! But I’m glad it’s there and not 330, like a few months ago, or 400, like a year ago, or 560, like a couple of years ago. And I’m succeeding at maintaining. I’ve got the rest of my life to lose it, and hopefully there will be a whole lot of it left when my ultimate goals are reached. Maintaining it is the important part – too many people start a program and don’t see the results they want to see, and even though they lost a little weight already, give up and gain their weight back (plus more, often!). If you get some weight off, and you quit trying, and put the weight back on, YOU HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN LATER! If you’ve got a lot of weight on you, then you’ve probably done this more than enough times already.

Think for a moment how many times that’s happened to you or someone you know – get a little weight off, feel a little better, but not enough, and not soon enough. Then it’s all given up. Let’s say you, or that person, lose(s) 30 pounds. Hey, that’s great! Well, if you’re overweight and you lose 30 pounds – that’s great; if you’re obese and you lose 30 pounds – that’s a damn good start; if you’re morbidly obese or higher… well, you might not really feel any different, but the fact remains, you weigh 30 pounds LESS than you used to! But say you lose 20 here, and 30 there, but you keep giving up… how much weight loss have you given up on? How many pounds could you have lost, overall, had you not allowed yourself to gain that weight back? How much weight loss would you or your friends be responsible for, if they/you just maintained?

I don’t know how much of the updates I give going forward for the next month or so will be weight loss related. They’re supposed to be, that’s really what this blog is about, but for the moment, I’m spending a majority of my time looking for work. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my common rants about what’s going on in the job market today end up here. Hopefully it doesn’t send you packing… you know, the handful of you that keep an eye on this blog.

Spring Cleaning, Anyone?

Time to dust off a few cobwebs! It seems I let things lapse again, but not for quite so long this time. For the time being, I still have a file full of unfinished articles for this blog, but with looking for work, living in one of the WORST areas of the NATION for being jobless and seeking work, up against everyone who WAS going to school, but can’t now, because they don’t have the unemployment extension that they needed to finish their coursework. And why? Because their government dropped them on their ass again, all while trying to tell them how wonderful everything is… you know… this isn’t a political blog… If it makes you feel any better, I’m not targeting any political figure, party, or argument. I think they all suck. That’s all I have to say about back.

So, back to weight loss!

I had gotten my weight down to 300 on Thanksgiving morning and had been worried that I was losing it a little too fast So I took the holidays off and enjoyed myself. I’d use the term “binge”, but it makes Eeks nervous, and it’s really just a modern version of the bingeing I used to do. People “binge”, or at least claim to, but they don’t do what I used to do. Obese bingeing, and typical everyday “I’m eating a little more than I normally would and having a nice, fun time doing it” really don’t even resemble each other.

Different or not, my weight shot up to 330 by the beginning of the new year. Today it’s between 300 and 305. It’s been between 300 and 310, occasionally between 300 and 315 for over a month and I feel like it might be dropping below 300 soon. My FLog (Food Log) has become more detailed and in depth, focusing on different areas of my life in different sections of the notebook.

I finally got the chance to check out the gym that I belong to. I’ve been using a gym that’s about a mile from me, but the old gym I had, where I have a paid-up three-year-membership has a location that’s not TOO far away, just pretty far. Since I don’t end up down that way much, and usually not with time to spare, I haven’t had a chance to check it out since I moved down to this area.

I’ve mentioned their name before, and probably will again, but I’m not exactly crazy about this franchise’s apparent owner right now, and he fits into the story fairly well, so I’ll keep their name out of this particular post. I showed up where I’d seen the gym before, across the street from a mall. It still said the name of the gym on the door, but it was obvious the place was empty. No sign explaining anything, either. It looked like they just went out of business.

I looked up their number and tried them. Someone answered. I explained that I’d moved into the area and have a membership with the gym. He asked if I had my key fob. One of the reasons I chose this gym was the 24 hour access. I wasn’t, however, sure I had my key fob on me. I just switched wallets and that was in the old wallet. I thought it might be in the car, but that didn’t mean the key fob stayed in the wallet (one of the reasons I needed a new wallet…).

I didn’t see a problem with this – the gym in question has a policy of being open to visitors. During business hours one of the doors is unlocked (the electronic lock stays in place for members to use their key fob), so if you don’t have the fob, you can walk in and let them know you’re there. It’s one of the features of the fitness chain – that whether you have your key fob or not, you can use any of their gyms across the world as long as it’s business hours. Plus, if you do have your key fob, you can use any of their locations, across the world, any time of the night or day.

This guy’s telling me that’s not the way it works at his gym. The doors stay locked all day, every day. If you don’t have a fob, you don’t get it. How does he attract new customers? Does anyone go to a gym, thinking about signing up perhaps, and upon finding the door locked, knock?

So I tell him I’d like to come in and see him about having my membership records switched over to his franchise. This shouldn’t be a difficult matter. He can’t do it, he’s too busy, and they really don’t have time to go looking up the records, etc… Why does there need to be an argument over this?

So I pressed him over the matter and he tells me he can’t see me until he’s done with his clients. He’s already pointed out that he’s working with one client and two more are waiting. Fine with me, just let me know what time to come in today, and I’ll be there. He tells me to come by at 2PM. Interesting, it was 1:15PM at this point in the conversation.

I called my old gym and let them know what was going on and they told me not to worry, that they’d get my information to him for me. I probed a bit to see if there was an established opinion on this guy. The person I spoke with stammered a bit and didn’t seem to want to say anything. “OK,” I tried, “is he basically just an asshole?” That was met with laughter and a long “Well… “, followed by “I’m not going to tell you he has a reputation as a nice guy.” Great. Sounds about right.

I managed to find my key fob in the car (we named her Christine, because she eats things…), so I let myself in to the gym. I poked my head in the office because I saw someone at the desk. I noticed someone else sitting across from the desk and figured that was the guy I talked to on the phone and this was the client he was working with.

I left them alone and noticed another staff member coming toward me. I told him I called 20 minutes ago and he knew who I was – Ah, THIS was the guy I’d talked to. I let him know I’d found my fob and was going to start my workout, so I wouldn’t likely be ready at two. He said that was fine and I got started with my workout. In the middle of it, he stopped me and said he needed me in the office. It was quick, I’ll give him that, but he was interrupting my workout to have me sign a paper so he could process my transfer. The major rule, he pointed out, was that the door stay locked and nobody lets anyone in, except for him. No, that doesn’t mean he’s the only one allowed to open the door – it means HE’S THE ONLY ONE WE ARE ALLOWED TO LET THROUGH THE DOOR!

Yes, it actually said that on the paper – he’s the only exception. The guy that should be setting the example… OK. And what happens if you ARE a member in the franchise and you forgot your key fob? Knock on the door I guess.

As soon as I signed, Mr. Obnoxious took off – so that’s why he interrupted my workout, he had places to be. On the other hand, one could make the argument that he took time off of his lunch break, after which he probably has two other clients lined up, to make sure my information got transferred. I will say this much for him – he DID have the brains, after what had gone down, to not try to talk me into signing up with a trainer.

It could turn out he’s a really decent guy, only time will tell; thing is, after those encounters with him, and his very confusing way of attracting new clientele, I don’t think I really want to find out. The good news is, I shouldn’t really have to. At a typical gym, unless you know/are friendly with the owner, you don’t have a whole lot of contact with him/her. Even if he’s the out and about type that’s on the floor a lot, I can just put my music on and focus on my workout. That’s all that really matters here. 


The ABSOLUTE truth!

Fisherman’s Pie

So, I figure I’ll share with you an interesting creation I came up with last night. It was nearing the end of the day and I was hungry. I’d had a pretty good day – started it by working out at the gym, followed by a decent breakfast at home, some healthy snacks throughout the day, and I found myself wondering what to do for dinner? There was pasta in the fridge, which is great and all, for breakfast, or even an early lunch, but Dr. Eeks doesn’t want me doing breads late, and isn’t all that crazy about pasta either.

So, I’m examining other options, and remembered how much Eeks digs baked potatoes – apparently these are great for losing weight! So I grab two potatoes, now I’ve got a vegetable, that’s great… what else? Cheese and butter for the potato, that’s good… but what else? I want something proteiny, but I’m not really seeing what would work. I’d had greek yogurt with fruit earlier in the day. I went to the cupboard to have a look and found tuna.

I used to hate tuna. For some reason, before I lost weight, I could not choke down tuna to save my life. Raw tuna? Absolutely. Tuna steak? Sure. Canned? Oh hell no. Just the smell of the can opening would make my stomach turn. For some reason, within the past few years, I’ve found myself able to eat tuna, canned or not.

Granted, I’m not a straight out of the can man, and still don’t like the smell that opening said can brings, but I simply turn my nose off when I have to open a can, and I can doctor is so that it tastes just fine – take last night, fr’instance– I mixed a can of tuna with a little olive oil, salt, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce (the sauce is the boss!) and it was great!

While I was eating, I came up with an interesting idea… I didn’t know what to serve the tuna on – I’d had bread already yesterday, and didn’t want any more. Next to the tuna was two (microwave) baked potatoes with cheese! Made me think of a tuna patty melt. I got a little adventurous and tried the tuna with the cheesy baked potato – excellent! A tuna potato melt! Nothing but good stuff!

As it turns out, this is not an original thought! I plugged Tuna Potato Melt into Google and come up with tons of material! Most of them recommend using potato wedges, but I fail to see why that’s a must. In fact, I could even see a version Shepherd’s Pie coming out of this! Just think, “Fisherman’s Pie”!

If you try it, let me know what you think!Potato Tuna Melt

Green Tea Greatness


I’m not sure why, but I’ve had a hell of a time reblogging this one! I tried twice already today and nothing showed up on the blog. Have been working on troubleshooting the issue. Haven’t figured out what the problem is, but did manage to get it to show up this time!

So, I’ve heard a lot about green tea and the popular opinion that it aids in weight loss, I’ve even seen Green Tea supplements advertised as helpful with losing weight. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it certainly won’t hurt to have a cup or two a day, so I’m going to work on doing that. Don’t see how it can hurt. If you have any reason to worry about androgens, though – say, for example, you have an adrenal insufficiency, or Addison’s , you might not want to mess around with green tea. Otherwise, should be fine!

Originally posted on Cheska's :


Green tea has quickly become an essential part of my day.
I first started trying to lose weight and going to the gym back in June 2013. At first I was getting results pretty fast as my lifestyle changed dramatically, for the better of course! I lost 7lbs in around 1-2 months. However, after losing the first 7lbs my body seemed to want to stay at the weight it was no matter what I did, I was not impressed! So I did a little research into natural things that can aid weight loss. This was when I came across green tea. It claimed to be high in anti-oxidants and a natural way to lose weight. I didn’t have high hopes as I was a bit sceptical about a drink aiding weight loss success. Never the less I gave it a go and religiously drank 4 cups a day. To my amazement…

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